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Nov. 14, 2023 - West End Cincinnati

If you haven't already heard, the Q-KIDZ Dance Team has joined the cast and crew of "A Midsummer's Night Dream" to put on an incredible performance Shakespeare would be proud of.

In early fall, Sara Clark of the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company selected six of Q-KIDZ dancers to be a part of her rendition of the entertaining play. Throughout the last month the team has been rewarded the opportunity to practice and perform along side theatre professionals and challenge themselves to a new ventures.

Queen Hadden (Cobweb), Karlee Armstead (Mustardseed), Zakari Clark (Moth), De'Unniey Crawford, Mackenzie Roberts, and Shalin Harmon take on the roles of magical fairies with Jasimine Bouldin (Peaseblossom) to provide backup (and more magic) for Dawn Stern who delivers the role of Titania. Through dance choreography provided by coaches Chariah and Mariah Jones, and fantastical movement, the Fairies deliver an unforgettable performance that truly adds another level of depth to the already great play.

The entire production was amazing. Whether it was the lighting and set design or the performance of each one of the cast, everybody was able to shine! You don't just have to take my word for it either. Liz Eichler of League of Cincinnati Theatres wrote:

"This is something special. It is a rich, hysterical, beautiful production of this beloved classic comedy. It gave me goosebumps even before the first line was spoken."

Needless to say, everyone involved will make you proud that productions of this quality are found right here in Cincinnati; the performance of the Q-KIDZ will make you even that more proud and warm your heart. The play will run through December 2nd so there are still plenty of opportunities to enjoy the play!

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