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Marquicia Jones-Woods

Known to the girls as Ms. Quicy (pronounced kwee-cee), Marquicia Jones-Woods founded Q-Kidz in 1982.  The violence in the surrounding housing projects led Marquicia to look for something the neighborhood kids could do after school to keep them safe and productive. 
“This journey with the Q-Kidz organization has been amazing, and I wouldn't trade one day of it in for a million dollars. I only pray that I continue to see the fruits of my labor when this group of kids grow up and become productive young ladies. I know the struggles they have been dealt because I'm a product of the same environment, but I always let them know: Don't get caught up in the cards you were dealt. If they are not good ones deal yourself another hand and keep it moving.”




Chariah Jones

Since 2006, I’ve coached Q-Kidz.  Over the years, I’ve watched how young girls come into the Q-Kidz organization with little to no confidence in leave with every tool they need to be successful in life. I love working with Q-Kidz because everyday you are learning something new and exciting. It’s a positive, safe environment where kids can be kids.

Q-Kidz is a sisterhood. The love is felt as soon as you hit the front door. You’re greeted with bright smiles, hugs and happiness. It’s a no judgment zone and that’s what I love the most. Q-Kidz inspires me, I didn’t have near the confidence they have at their age. Watching them grow, seeing them go off to college, graduate and come back to help their younger sisters, that’s inspiration. It lets you know that all the hard work over the years paid off. Q-Kidz has won many of competitions over the years I’ve been coaching. It’s hard to keep count. 



Mariah Jones

My sister and I have been coaching the Q-Kidz since 2006. I work with Q-Kidz to help build up girls' confidence. I was once in their shoes. I struggled with obesity growing up and had little to no confidence, and Q-Kidz was my saving grace. After losing 100 pounds dancing with the Q-Kidz, I took my own experience and made a promise to myself to help as many young girls build up their confidence. We always tell the girls to walk into the room and own the room .Working with the Q-Kidz is truly a blessing. 

One thing that inspires me is seeing the kids' growth -- seeing the children grow up, go off to college, graduate . . .  and then to walk in the room and own it.

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