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UC students help community partners with business solutions

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

June 3, 2021

Professional development is integral to the course, and helps prepare students to integrate into the workplace after graduation. These types of hands-on, real-world experiences support UC’s Bearcat Promise—part of the university’s strategic direction Next Lives Here —which is designed to help ensure that students graduate with a degree and a career plan.

The benefits of these partnerships work both ways. Each year, Professional Writing Capstone students partner with area non-profits and small businesses to analyze and fill needs for organizations that are typically underfunded and understaffed. A 12-member advisory board of industry professionals consults with the university team to identify community partners and connect them with the course and its resources.

This year’s community partners also included the Freestore Foodbank’s Healthy Harvest Mobile Market, Childhood Food Solutions, Caza Sikes (a family-run gallery and art appraisal house in Oakley), and Q-Kidz Dance Team (which supports the youths of Cincinnati’s West End through the art of dance).

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